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Have you trained your brain today?

What is NeurOptimal®

Brain Training?

And helps to manage:

Wellness enhancement

Stress reduction

Facilitate return of veterans into home and work life

Academic and job enhancement

Athletic and sports training

Optimizing your intelligence with improved brain function

Group training in retreat settings

Mental Clarity

Better sleep

Symptom reduction

Personal and spiritual development in individual and group settings

Preparation for testing:

Improved focus, attention & retention

Reduction of test anxiety

As part of an anti-aging program

Enhancing creativity and awareness

Enriching partner, family and work relationships

NeurOptimal®  can be done anywhere.

NeurOptimal® is a brain changer!

Any brain can change. Just sit and relax in the comfort of a chair and let the machine do the work. 

You can also choose to do Neuroptimal® in the comfort of your own home and rent a machine at a reduced cost. A clinician will be available by phone as needed.


$100.00 per session

Rental: $500.00 per two weeks

$900.00 per month

HST included till January 2022

Limited time 1 free session.

The hook up.

NeurOptimal® at work.