A couple sit together in a therapist's office.

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is a goal-oriented approach to therapy that focuses on finding practical solutions to current problems rather than dwelling on past difficulties. With its emphasis on quickly finding and implementing solutions, SFT aims to help individuals identify and amplify their existing skills and abilities to create positive change in their lives.

In SFT, the therapist and client collaborate to explore the client’s desired future and develop clear and achievable goals. Rather than analyzing the problem in detail, SFT shifts the focus towards identifying exceptions or times when the problem is less prominent or absent altogether. By examining these exceptions, clients gain insights into their own strengths and abilities, allowing them to envision and work towards desired outcomes.

SFT employs a range of techniques and questions to facilitate change. These techniques include scaling questions, miracle questions (asking the client to imagine a future without their problems), and the use of compliments and positive feedback to reinforce progress. The therapist helps the client envision their preferred future and assists in breaking down the steps necessary to achieve their goals. By identifying and building on small successes, this therapy can help individuals gain momentum and confidence to continue making progress and solving their problems.

One of the key advantages of SFT is its efficiency. As a brief therapy model, SFT typically involves a limited number of sessions, making it a practical choice for many individuals. It can be applied to various issues, including relationship problems, behavioral challenges, and personal growth. SFT places great importance on the client’s active involvement and autonomy, empowering them to become experts in their own lives.

Overall, Solution-Focused Therapy offers a positive and empowering approach to therapy, focusing on strengths, solutions, and the future rather than dwelling on past difficulties. By harnessing the individual’s resources and building on their successes, SFT supports meaningful and sustainable change.

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